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Another Outrageous & Pathetic Tryout Story Canadian Junior Hockey News

Published: Wednesday, 11 Apr 2018  
By: Vinny Malts, Bloodline Hockey

One of my students and their friend decided to leave an organization.

They were open and honest with their intentions to the organization.

They chose an organization that suited their current needs.

The friend had a younger sibling.

This younger sibling wanted to go and play for the organization the older sibling left.

The younger sibling paid the price today for the older siblings choice.

“We decided that if any family members leave the organization, the other family members are not permitted to play in the organization.”

“When did you create that rule?”


This exchange, in and of itself, is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever heard...literally. And I’ve seen some ridiculousness in my 33 years thus far.

Is that not incredible??? #rulesonthefly


I get it. You’re pissed you lost some of your best players on the team, and it’s going to hurt the quality of players & the experience of your team.

But...this is your solution???

Punish the sibling who’s not even close to being a teenager yet???

This is an absolute JOKE.

And, of course, we all know the long term game you will play ‘organization’...

You’ll be the first to use a kids name, when one of them gets a college commitment...

You’ll be the first to use a kids name, if one of them gets drafted into the NHL...

You’ll be the first to say...

“This kid is an alumni of our program.”

...if that kid does anything of significance that will help your organization look good.

...except you’ll leave out the part about how you once chose to treat a younger sibling, because of a family decision that was made to leave your organization.

Should I blow up the organization and say their name?


But, would it be worth it to have this come back to the kids and their families?

Absolutely not!

I’ve witnessed what governing bodies do in these type of situations...

Absolutely nothing.

It is what it is.

Many organizations are protected from such actions.

And, some will say, “The parents are crazy.” ... I can assure you, they are not.

Some will say, “Well, I don’t have the whole story, so I don’t know enough to judge it.” ... Fair enough.

Some will say, “Not my kid. Not my problem.” Until of is your kid.

This is one of the more pathetic stories I’ve heard in awhile.

If you are an organization who behaves this way, or believes this is ok, I’m gonna remind you of a simple fact of change that is happening right before your eyes in todays world.

Somewhere out there is this kid who will grow up and have a confident & very aware voice one day.

And this kid, as well as many other kids, are a part of a new kind of education and paradigm shift happening in our industry today.

An education that inspires students to pursue their passions in a real and consistent way.

An education that gives students the courage to communicate and express exactly how they feel, and what they want.

An education that is teaching students how to stand up for what they feel is right vs wrong.

One day, these kids will get older and their status in the community will be raised.

And when that day comes, this organization will pay the price for their words and actions.

Because one of these students will have a confident and strong voice one day.

And that voice will not be afraid to communicate what it remembers about this organization today.

This is the old school BS that is still alive and well in our industry.

Hey ‘Organization’...

Instead of punishing a young kid for their siblings choice(by coming up with idiotic rules that protect your own interests), how about you figure out a way to offer an experience and environment that families don’t want to leave???

It’s as simple as that!!!

Author: Vinny Malts from Bloodline Hockey

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