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Garrett Alton @GarrettAlton
2 hrs., 40 mins. ago
2017 was drafted by the NA3HL Wausau RiverWolves. My Goal is to the play D3 Division college Hockey. I am a 2 way forward that loves to battle for the puck.
Gio Podalinski @GioPodalinski
1 day, 2 hrs. ago
My name is Gio Podalinski. I was born in USA raised in Moscow Russia and I moved to the United States to pursue my goal of playing NCAA ice hockey in an American college.
Jesse Keicher @JesseKeicher
1 day, 7 hrs. ago
Getting back on track at the gym, I'm proving all around, stamina, strength, and agility. I'll begin saying with a team from Niagara University, who are in the ACHA, every Sunday beginning in July.

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